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Described a theory to operate an organization in an effective way which is known as the bureaucratic management approach or weberian bureaucracy.

Bureaucratic theory. The bureaucratic theory is related to the structure and administrative process of the organization and is given by max weber who is regarded as the father of bureaucracy. Bureaucratic theory by max weber max weber a renowned german sociologist was the first person to use the term bureaucracy towards the end of the 19th. Today bureaucracy is the administrative system governing any large institution whether publicly owned or privately owned.

First it entails structuring an organization into a hierarchy. According to him bureaucracy is the formal system of organization and administration designed to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. He wouldve scolded todays managers most of whom are open to new ideas and flexible work arrangements for their leadership style.

Bureaucracy refers to both a body of non elected government officials and an administrative policy making group. The bureaucratic management theory introduced by max weber stated that to manage an organization efficiently it is essential to have a clear line of authority along with proper rules procedures and regulations for controlling each business operation. Max weber a german sociologist propounded the theory called principle of bureaucracy a theory related to authority structure and relations in the 19 th century.

It is an ideal model for management and its administration to bring an organisations power structure into focus. Max webers work was oftentimes interpreted as a caricature of modern bureaucracies with all of their shortcomings. According to the bureaucratic theory of max weber bureaucracy is the basis for the systematic formation of any organisation and is designed to ensure efficiency and economic effectiveness.

Historically a bureaucracy was a government administration managed by departments staffed with non elected officials. Max weber 1864 1920 a german sociologist. Secondly the organization and its members are governed by clearly defined rational legal decision making rules.

His theory of management also called the bureaucratic theory stressed strict rules and a firm distribution of power. Webers theory of bureaucratic management also has two essential elements. Max did not only use the word.

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