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Learn some advantages and disadvantages of this style and situations in which this style could prove to be effective.

Bureaucratic leadership style. The key difference between autocratic and bureaucratic leadership is that autocratic leadership is a leadership style where the leader makes all decisions and exerts a high level of control over the subordinates whereas bureaucratic leadership style is based on following normative rules in management and decision making and adhering to lines. Its been used in politics and in religions organizations around the world. Bureaucratic leadership style is very decent style for work involving serious safety risks such as handling toxic substances moving large objects.

It is a rigid structure that is not well suited for quick adaptation and organizational. 15 characteristics of a bureaucracy the symbolic representation of bureaucracy everywhere the organization chart is an orderly visual displaying the key players in a boxes. Bureaucratic leadership style has a long history.

The bureaucratic leadership is the management system a couple of large corporations are using till today. The effectiveness of the style has seen a number of great leaders take advantage of the framework with business leaders understanding the essential nature of the style. Bureaucratic leadership can be an efficient management style but its not without disadvantages.

In the above example position titles are represented indicating they are more important than the person who has the title. This style of leadership is very similar to management rather than leadership as it focuses on the control and performance or work. The focus is on compliance of rules and laid down procedures to make sure that the group is doing their job correctly and safely.

This style of management is also very efficient when used in companies that do not require much innovations or creativity from the employees. If you are dealing with a highly regulated business environment this leadership style may have a massive impact.

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